Poems Of The Seventies (Peter Cash)

“None of us can say who will succeed, or even who has or has not
talent. The only thing certain about us is that we are too many. ”
W. B. Yeats (1921)

During the 1970s, there were – according to one survey,
conducted in 1978 – no fewer than 102 poetry magazines being
published on a regular basis, each an immediate outlet for new
writing. In that decade, Peter Cash was one of the ‘many’ young
poets who submitted his poems to these various magazines.

In the 1970s, he produced two very different collections:
Something To Write Home About and Magician in the Rain.

In 1975, he received an Eric Gregory Award in recognition not
only of the poems published in those booklets, but also of the
miscellaneous poems published in small magazines (often after a
prize‐win in a national competition) and now collected in this
hardback volume.

“Each of these poems,” he says, “is nothing more than an attempt
to make sense of a personal experience. To this end, I’ve tried to
follow Robert Conquest’s advice: that a poem should be ‘formal,
rational and comprehensible’ (New Lines, 1946).

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