The Genesis of Geology? (Nathanael Lewis)

How do we understand the record of the rocks on which we exist, and how has that understanding come about? This short but penetrating work tackles this key issue of our time and sets it in a wider context. Exploding many myths along the way, it tracks the debate all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, and tells:

  • How the church ended up wedded to a pagan scientific philosophy that hampered scientific progress for centuries
  • How the founder of modern geology is on the verge of becoming a Catholic saint
  • How a key idea of his turned out to be catastrophically wrong
  • How Darwin was groomed by a devious geologist for maximum effect in a vicious political powerplay that has shaped today’s understanding of the history of the world.

Fossils, fraud, Freemasonry, revolutionary politics, secret societies, and a dastardly 30 year plan all feature. Who knew that investigating dry rocks and fossil ideas could reveal such a story?

Nathanael Lewis is a sinner saved by grace, a theologian with and MTheol (Hons) from St Andrews University, a poet, composer and pianist and expert on the situation of Christians in Pakistan.

A minimum of 6% of the sale price of this book will go to charities and NGOs, mainly those helping persecuted Pakistani and/or Middle Eastern Christians.

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