Rapture Rupture (Nathanael Lewis)


Looking for Rapture Truth? Look no further! Every single one of Tim LaHaye’s ‘irrefutable proofs’ not only refuted, but utterly destroyed! Theologian exposes basic bible blunders of Left Behind. To hear some bible-believing Christians speak, escape from the final Tribulation via the Rapture is a comforting cast-iron biblical certainty, but have they been deceived? Maybe you are one of them. Or maybe you just want to know what the heck is behind all the Left Behind books and movies, and all their vividly depicted scenes of chaos. Rigorously, ruthlessly, remorselessly and relentlessly, evangelical theologian Nathanael Lewis exposes the big deception behind the pre-Tribulation Rapture by dissecting the so-called ‘biblical proofs’ proclaimed by one of its most prominent proponents. Find out : * Why the clear teaching of the New Testament, Jesus and the apostles allows only one option – rapture at the actual Second Coming – when you understand the Jewish mindset in which they thought and wrote. * Why ‘the Blessed Hope’ can only refer to Jesus’ glorious appearing. * How the New Testament teaching on ‘immanence’ does not mean what many preachers proclaim. * How the ‘oh-we-have-the-only-end-times-view-that-takes-the-bible-literally’ pre-trib folks end up treating bible passages allegorically and oh-so-very-non-literally. * What ‘not appointed to wrath’ really means. * Why the gathering of the elect in Matthew 24 must refer to both Gentile and Jewish saints. * How deceptive Rapture beliefs have already contributed and will in the future contribute to apostasy and a falling away from faith. * How the key root idea of dispensationalism was condemned by one of the earliest church fathers and successors to the apostles as ‘blasphemy against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’, and who also described those who taught it as ‘not true Christians’. Dare to discover if you are deceived! To get a dose of deception inoculation Take the time to devour all this book’s information. Scroll up and grab your dose of deception inoculation today!

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