The Happy Hips Guide to Teen & Young Adult Hip Dysplasia (Hannah Purdy)

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Hannah Purdy is the founder of Happy Hips, an online community for children and young people who are diagnosed with a hip condition. This little book is partly Hannah’s story (with contributions from others in the Happy Hips team) but is also full of great information, ideas and questions to ask your medical team and help you through your treatment. If you’ve been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia (HD/CDH/DDH) or you know someone who has, this is a great starting point to hear it from someone who has been through it already and get as much help and support as you can. Happy Hips love it when people get in touch. If you’ve been diagnosed with a hip condition please register on our website – we would love to hear from you. DISCLAIMER: None of the HappyHips Team are medically trained, All views expressed are their own, developed through their own personal experiences and outlook on life. you should always seek advice from trained medical personnel.

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