Falsifying The Fathers (Nathanael Lewis)

In what is probably the most systematic work on the subject of the early church teaching on the ‘Rapture’, the church and the Antichrist, theologian Nathanael Lewis picks up where his last book, ‘Rapture Rupture!’ left off, once again exposing lie after lie and fabrication after fabrication coming from the Pre-Tribulationists.

In this work he shows:

  • That the early church fathers were united for many centuries in rejecting Pre-Tribulationism
  • That two of the earliest church fathers closest to the apostles rejected foundational dispensationalist positions as dangerous heresy
  • That the early church fathers without exception taught that the church would go through the entire Tribulation period
  • That this apostolic teaching was passed on and despite major changes in church teaching on eschatology lasted for close to 1800 years
  • That the only posible exception was the teaching of a medieval violent heretical cult leader
  • That the claim that many Puritan influenced writers of the 17th and 18th centuries preached a Pre-Tribulation rapture is false
  • That claims about the Rapture and the Dead Sea Scrolls are faked
  • How the social conditions we have today were what early church fathers said would presage the antichrist
  • How church apostasy makes was for the Antichrist, and how God will respond to rescue the church
  • The options facing Christians during the Tribulation
  • That every single alleged quote from the early church fathers supporting the Pre-Tribulation position is very carefully and precisely edited to cut out the material that shows they taught the opposite

Covering every available relevant text for the first seven centuries of the church, and a great many later documents, this book amply demonstrates its central claim that anyone who claims that the early church fathers taught the Pre-Tribulation rapture is lying to you, no matter how sincerely they may believe it, and is a useful comapnion to his first book which proved the New Testament also did not teach such a position.

Nathanael Lewis has an MTheol (Hons) from St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university. In addition to writing on theology, he is a poet, composer and musician, and an expert on on the situation of Christians in Pakistan.

A minumum of 6.25% of the sale price of this book will go to charities and NGOs, mainly those helping persecuted Pakistani and/or Middle Eastern Christians.

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