Dangerous Honesty (Karin Cooke)


One in three visitors to pornographic websites are WOMEN. Many of these women are in our churches, often living their lives shrouded in secrecy and shame. Karin Cooke shares the stories of women who have chosen to speak up and speak out with unflinching vulnerability about their own journey. Women who have experienced the damaging impact of porn on their relationships, self-esteem, family and faith. Stories like yours, or those you want to help.

“Karin Cooke is an amazing communicator with a compelling story to tell. Dangerous Honesty helps us understand the impact pornography has in our culture and the lasting damage it leaves behind.”
PERRY NOBLE, Senior Pastor, Newspring Church

“I don’t know what you expect to get from a ‘porn book’ but Karin’s reads like a Grace manifesto… She knows that Jesus’ power to save us is greater than porn’s power to destroy us. Through her experience as a Social Worker, Church leader, parent and anti-porn activist Karin has a unique insight into the challenges presented by a society in which technology enables us to be fully connected like never before, yet increasingly vulnerable to the most profound dis-connection.”
RACHEL GARDNER, President of Girls Brigade England & Wales and co-founder of Romance Academy.

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