A Comedian’s Guide To Greece (Manos The Greek)

Comedian's Guide To Greece, A - Manos The GreekManos Kanellos (aka Manos the Greek) is a Greek stand-up comedian (Greek word) earning his living (well, trying to) in Britain. He has lived in Britain since the mid-1990s, but he still has the sexy Greek accent. He performs stand-up comedy (Greek word) and has done for the last few years in order to educate audiences about Greece and what the Greeks have offered the world. He asks for pan-European (Greek word) legislation that would make a holiday to Greece compulsory for everyone in Europe (Greek word) as a tribute to all Greece has offered (or had stolen by) the world. A pilgrimage to the birthplace of democracy and comedy if you like, in return for a good quality sun tan and healthy food (and if you’re lucky a holiday romance). A Comedian’s Guide To Greece is an intelligent and funny look at Greece, the Greek people, the Greek economy and (as you’d expect) Manos’s mother. And if Greek politicians aren’t sure what to do about the Greek financial (not a Greek word) crisis (Greek word), Manos has a few ideas to help the country out and they don’t involve borrowing more money!

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