Peter Cash: LOCATIONS (2021)

£9.50 In 1967, Norman Hidden (1913-2006) launched WORKSHOP: New Poetry. It was in Issue No 13 (October 1971) that Peter Cash’s first published poem House appeared beside poems by W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes and Thom Gunn. In 1978, The Poetry Society launched The National Poetry Competition in which Peter Cash won a prize with […]

Peter Cash: PITYING THE PLANET (2019)

£9.50 Peter Cash’s ninth collection of poems – his second hardback – was written between 1980 (when he was teaching at Trent College and living in Draycott, Derbyshire) and 1995 (by which time he had moved to Newcastle-under-Lyme School and was living in Staffordshire). No less formal and personal than his earlier work, Pitying the […]

Peter Cash: AS WE WERE (2019)

£4.50 As We Were is probably the most personal and most poignant of Peter Cash’s collections …There are fourteen poems – each with its own form – which tell the true story of Peter and Penny (then aged 33-35) and Penny’s children Thomas and Eleanor (then aged 8-10 and 5-7 respectively). As the relationship between […]


£4.50 In 1977, Peter Cash’s then-girlfriend Linda took up a teaching post at a school in the West Midlands and found rented accommodation in the village of Belbroughton in Worcestershire. This short collection both centres and reflects upon their times there in the first, freezing-cold months of 1978. The Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is reported […]


Out Of Print PETER CASH was born in Lincolnshire on the last day f 1949 and is therefore facing the millennium with mixed emotions. Educated at Skegness Grammar School and Nottingham University, he is now kn his fourteenth year as Head of English Studies and Master in-charge-of 1st XI Cricket at Newcastle-under-Lyme School in Staffordshire. […]

Peter Cash: FEN POEMS (1992)

Out of Print Fen Poems was published in December 1992 and sold out within the year. Peter Cash was born in Skegness in Lincolnshire on the last day of 1949. He grew up in Wainfleet (where his family kept a shop) and attended Skegness Grammar School. Between 1968 and 1976, he studied English at Nottingham […]

Peter Cash: WORLDS APART & BIRD SONGS (1985)

Out of Print This book, Peter Cash’s third collection, is in two distinct sections. Written for his close friend Paula Moore, Worlds Apart itself has an epigraph by Robert Graves which prepares readers ominously for the sequence of poems to come: “My main theme was always the practical impossibility, transcended only by a belief in […]

Peter Cash: MAGICIAN IN THE RAIN (1983)

Out of Print In 1972, Peter Cash, wrote his B.A. dissertation on the poetry of Laurie Lee (1914-1996). Written in Lee’s style, these ten lyrics imply a synaesthetic association between an appreciation of the rural world and an enjoyment of sexual experience, suggesting that the two can be simultaneous and equally sensuous. Originally commissioned by […]