Contrived Setups To Niche Pop-Culture References (Paul Savage)

Here’s a book of comic strips. The title, “Contrived Setups To Niche Pop-Culture References” isn’t a lie. To get some of these, you’ll need to know Sam Cooke lyrics, sitcom catchphrases, late 80’s gameshows, minor characters from Harry Potter, lesser Gerry Anderson puppet shows and the names of Colombian drug gangs. And then you’ll need […]

Jonah:Poet In Extremis (Richard Littledale)

Whichever way you look at it, landing up in the belly of a fish is a sad end for a prophet to come to. In fact, it wasn’t the end for Jonah – just another chapter in a troubled life. This little book will take you to the heart of Jonah’s experiences. Through the startling skills […]

The Tale Of The Little Owl (Richard Littledale)

This little book was written in the last week of September 2013. On October 1st a plea went out for illustrators to help bring it to life. Within 12 hours two illustrators were found. Between them they worked tirelessly, in different parts of the country, to bring their artwork together. Another illustrator then offered her services for free as well […]