The Gig Delusion [2nd Edit.] (Andy Kind)

39 Counties. 10 Weeks. 2 Loves. 1 Choice.

The Gig Delusion is a laugh out loud novel set against the backdrop of the UK comedy circuit. Comedian Andy Kind wants Carlos as his agent. He also wants Betty as his wife.

Carlos sets Andy the challenge of performing a comedy gig in every English county within 10 weeks. Betty challenges Andy to be a sensitive, devoted husband-to-be as they prepare for their wedding in 10 weeks’ time.

Suddenly the two loves of Andy’s life are in competition.
Who will win?

Andy Kind is an award-winning stand-up comedian and author of

  • Stand Up and Deliver: A Nervous Rookie On The Comedy Circuit
  • The Unfortunate Adventures of Tom Hillingthwaite

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