Faith, Hope & Nudity (Joe Fisher)

Hey, guess what? 
Joe Fisher’s got a book.
It’s full of words that sometimes rhyme 
and ones that need a second look, 
containing puns and clever word play.
Lots of fun and laughs 
but others seem quite painful:
deep and wonderfully powerful, 
a tower full of images. 
Some whimsical and limitless,
wandering through life’s deep tunnels, 
funnelling deep thoughts and pondering 
on what proports to life 
in all its nakedness
whilst gaining hope through Faithfulness. 

They’re not just poems that make you think.
But words that sink beneath the skin, 
the thinking person now allowed 
to read out loud and gaze within.

These pieces are called spoken word, 
so speak them out,
you’ve heard the call 
and let them slip into your heart 
with a joy that may impart 
the more you read. 

You’ll see it’s worth a second look.
So buy one more, 
please share this book.

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