Unearthing The Church (David Winwood)

  • Fascinating details of first century cities
  • Bible studies, bringing the scripture to life
  • Early Church methods in mission
  • Knowledge of New Testament people
  • Inspirational stories from history and today
  • Insight unearthed by archaeologists
  • Testimony and personal experience
  • Challenging reflections
  • Questions for this century
  • Photographs and sketched illustrations

The author says:

I was spellbound on my first visit to Turkey by the beauty, history and mixture of ancient cultures and by discovering the context in which the Christian church first took root. I returned time and again, exploring sites, researching their background, making sketches for illustrations, taking hundreds of photographs of archaeological remains and restorations, learning from the local people and studying the New Testament text more thoroughly. All my life, I have been in Christian service and yet I had no concept of the way in which the work of archaeologists had made it possible to walk the streets of Ephesus, paddle in the pools of Pamukkale or to go into the underground cities and rock-hewn churches in Cappadocia, where the young church was growing up. My hope is that this publication could take you there in imagination. Allow the stories to get under your skin. Think and feel your way into first century life. Be ‘among’ the people who were changed by the flame of faith, burning in the witness of the apostles – and so open up the meaning of the Gospel message, through which God may speak anew.

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