Peter Cash: LOCATIONS (2021)

£9.50 In 1967, Norman Hidden (1913-2006) launched WORKSHOP: New Poetry. It was in Issue No 13 (October 1971) that Peter Cash’s first published poem House appeared beside poems by W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes and Thom Gunn. In 1978, The Poetry Society launched The National Poetry Competition in which Peter Cash won a prize with […]

The Gig Delusion [2nd Edit.] (Andy Kind)

39 Counties. 10 Weeks. 2 Loves. 1 Choice. The Gig Delusion is a laugh out loud novel set against the backdrop of the UK comedy circuit. Comedian Andy Kind wants Carlos as his agent. He also wants Betty as his wife. Carlos sets Andy the challenge of performing a comedy gig in every English county […]

Peter Cash: PITYING THE PLANET (2019)

£9.50 Peter Cash’s ninth collection of poems – his second hardback – was written between 1980 (when he was teaching at Trent College and living in Draycott, Derbyshire) and 1995 (by which time he had moved to Newcastle-under-Lyme School and was living in Staffordshire). No less formal and personal than his earlier work, Pitying the […]

Ministry and Mayhem (Tim Hill)

This book has been in the oven for years – finally cooked, a little golden at the edges, it is ready for human consumption. I learned some Japanese when I was a teenager but much of that has evaporated and there’s not a big market for my work in Japan so I’ve written this in […]

Kingdom People (David Bown)

When David Bown arrived in Wythenshawe, one of the largest housing estates in Europe, in the conurbation of Manchester, he found five Methodist churches struggling for survival. It would have been easy to close and concentrate the membership in one place, as a rational way of ‘managing decline’. But David wanted none of that. He […]

Unearthing The Church (David Winwood)

Fascinating details of first century cities Bible studies, bringing the scripture to life Early Church methods in mission Knowledge of New Testament people Inspirational stories from history and today Insight unearthed by archaeologists Testimony and personal experience Challenging reflections Questions for this century Photographs and sketched illustrations The author says: I was spellbound on my […]

Faith, Hope & Nudity (Joe Fisher)

Hey, guess what? Joe Fisher’s got a book.It’s full of words that sometimes rhyme and ones that need a second look, containing puns and clever word play.Lots of fun and laughs but others seem quite painful:deep and wonderfully powerful, a tower full of images. Some whimsical and limitless,wandering through life’s deep tunnels, funnelling deep thoughts and pondering on what proports to life in all […]

In The Shadow Of His Wings (Barbara Thompson)

Barbara Thomson’s autobiography is at once inspiring and tragic; uplifting and hearbreaking; beautiful and poignant. In 1977, God spoke to Barbara through a very familiar bible verse: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30) It would […]

Peter Cash: AS WE WERE (2019)

£4.50 As We Were is probably the most personal and most poignant of Peter Cash’s collections …There are fourteen poems – each with its own form – which tell the true story of Peter and Penny (then aged 33-35) and Penny’s children Thomas and Eleanor (then aged 8-10 and 5-7 respectively). As the relationship between […]