Approximately how many words will your book have? words.

For a standard sized paperback/hardback, your book will have around pages long.
We’ve made lots of assumptions for the prices below – paperback, A5 or smaller, full colour cover, black and white (greyscale) interior.

The setup costs for your book will be £350-750 depending on length, complexity, distribution and how many pictures you want in your book.

Ballpark Printing Prices:
We can often beat these prices quite significantly so please get in touch so that we can give you a tailored quote.

100 Copies: £
250 Copies: £
500 Copies: £
1000 Copies: £
2000 Copies: £

We can also proof read your book for £, edit your book for £, co-write your book for £ or ghost write your book for £.

Please note, these prices are all subject to change. We do our best to beat the prices listed above.