A new kind of publisher?

Why yes! An entirely new kind of publisher that gives you complete creative control over how you create and market your books. Don’t let the old bookshelf in the picture above fool you – we’re all about using new technology and a different business model to get your book published and into the hands of your clamouring readers.

There was a time when it wasn’t so much who you were as who you knew. Becoming a published author meant somehow getting your book proposal to the top of the pile on a commissioning editors desk. McKnight & Bishop have taken that business model, pulled down its old-man Y-fronts, smacked it on the bum and sent it packing.

There’s a few things that we love, and some of them are things that the traditional publishing companies hate:

  • Authors with a plan to sell a bunch of their own books, the more creatively, the better.
  • Open-Source software. The software we use to create the production files for your book cost us precisely £0/$0/€0/¥0 which means our overheads are a whole lot lower. We will even tell you what software we use so that you can save money too (and maybe do some of our work for us!). No Microsoft, no Adobe, no Apple. They all make great software. We don’t use any of it.
  • savings-bank-584264-mCrowd Funding, like Kickstarter, because you already have people who love your work. And penniless authors are our favourite ones to work with. Sell your book before it’s written to pay for the print run and the rest is profit!
  • Amazon. Why fight the company that controls half of all online book and eBook sales? We love Amazon and use them all the time to make our authors’ work available worldwide.
  • 20-social-media-iconsSocial Networking because it’s a great place to reach people. Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest… Of course, you’re already using some of those because you’re building your profile as an author online as well as in the real world.
  • Man getting measured by a tailor on a white background.Bespoke, because not every book needs a minimum print run of 10,000 copies. In fact, we can print a single copy of your book if that’s all you need!
Our starter package includes typesetting, cover design, ISBN number, legal submission to 6 libraries around the UK & Ireland and your book will be available on Amazon & Kindle (with royalties payable on every copy sold). We can also supply you with any number of copies (from just one) at heavily discounted prices (sell these directly and you will earn even more profit), help you produce your audiobook, help you create an author blog and offer marketing advice.
So have a look round, get an instant quote and then get in touch – we can’t wait to hear about your ideas!