Righteous Tossers! (Mark o’Sullivan)

Internet pornography has quickly become the biggest issue facing our society. It’s secret, it’s dangerous and it’s tearing people apart. The statistics say that maybe 90% of us have had a little look and maybe 1/3 of all Christians (male and female) struggle with it. This is a book for Christian men about porn on the Internet. Against it. Not for it. Obviously. Mark o’Sullivan tackles this grubby little problem with humour and grace, talking about the things that few seem willing or able to. If you’re offended by jokes about willies, this probably isn’t the book for you. However, if you are like most of us Christian guys who know it’s a temptation and are doing your best to live a life of purity and integrity and don’t mind laughing at yourself occasionally then there’s a chance that God might actually want to heal you.

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