Rapture Reality Check (Nathanael Lewis)

For nearly two centuries, a cancer has been eating away at biblical truth. That can be said in many fields, but there is one cancer that is particularly chameleon-like in that it masquerades as supremely biblical, and condemns all other views as deficient – the belief in a so-called ‘Pre-Tribulation’ rapture. Its proponents wield a […]

Live From The Cliff Of Ghosts (Chris Hill)

Chris Hill has attended Waddington Street Centre writing courses for several years. This book is an anthology of his three previously published booklets of poetry and prose. Chris is a huge music fan with extremely varied tastes. He is also a film buff with a particular interest in noir and boxing movies. Chris lives in […]

A Dead Man’s Gift (R.A. Crofton)

The three wise men, often in the guise of kings, are a staple of Nativity Plays and Christmas cards, but what of their story, on which the Bible is tantalisingly brief? In a reimagining of the tale, an old camel-driver shares his memories of this strange journey with an even stranger group of men to […]

Dangerous Honesty (Karin Cooke)

One in three visitors to pornographic websites are WOMEN. Many of these women are in our churches, often living their lives shrouded in secrecy and shame. Karin Cooke shares the stories of women who have chosen to speak up and speak out with unflinching vulnerability about their own journey. Women who have experienced the damaging […]