Locations (Peter Cash)

In 1967, Norman Hidden (1913-2006) launched WORKSHOP: New Poetry. It was in Issue No 13 (October 1971) that Peter Cash’s first published poem House appeared beside poems by W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes and Thom Gunn. In 1978, The Poetry Society launched The National Poetry Competition in which Peter Cash won a prize with The […]

Glentimon (Trevor Harron)

To mark their joint 120th anniversary, “GLENTIMON – A History of the Flute Band and Loyal Orders of Sion Mills” charts the history of the three Loyal Orders and the Flute Band from their formation in the late 19th century through to the present day.

Rapture Trap (Nathanael Lewis)

‘The Rapture’ as believed by many today is Satan’s theological horror story for end-times evangelicals, to send as many of them to hell as possible. This is the bold contention of evangelical theologian Nathanael Lewis. Building on his previous works that smashed pillar after pillar of ‘Pre-Trib Left Behind’ belief with detailed research in the […]

Rapture Rupture 2nd Edition (Nathanael Lewis)

The immensely popular Left Behind novel and movie series, along with non-fiction books advocating the ‘blessed hope’ of the rapture are believe by many evangelicals to be the only truly biblical understanding of the end times. Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series and leading spokesman for the ‘pre-trib’ movement touts a much-imitated chart of […]

Falsifying The Fathers (Nathanael Lewis)

In what is probably the most systematic work on the subject of the early church teaching on the ‘Rapture’, the church and the Antichrist, theologian Nathanael Lewis picks up where his last book, ‘Rapture Rupture!’ left off, once again exposing lie after lie and fabrication after fabrication coming from the Pre-Tribulationists. In this work he […]

Rapture Reality Check (Nathanael Lewis)

For nearly two centuries, a cancer has been eating away at biblical truth. That can be said in many fields, but there is one cancer that is particularly chameleon-like in that it masquerades as supremely biblical, and condemns all other views as deficient – the belief in a so-called ‘Pre-Tribulation’ rapture. Its proponents wield a […]

Live From The Cliff Of Ghosts (Chris Hill)

Chris Hill has attended Waddington Street Centre writing courses for several years. This book is an anthology of his three previously published booklets of poetry and prose. Chris is a huge music fan with extremely varied tastes. He is also a film buff with a particular interest in noir and boxing movies. Chris lives in […]