There’s Something In The Water (One Big Story)

One day begins, much like any other, for a girl called Rose, but soon strange things start happening for her and her best friend, Lilly. It may have something to do with the river that runs through the valley below her castle or it may simply be because children can’t help walking through mysterious doors, pressing tempting buttons, ignoring warning notices, messing with magic and generally being too curious for their own good. Whatever the reason, a school trip turns into a breathless adventure across time and space and through the elements of earth, air, fire and water … especially water. There must be something in the water. One Big Story is a project run by Off The Page Drama to help children get excited about reading and writing, to inspire their creativity and to give them greater confidence in their ideas. This story has been created by nearly 300 children across 10 primary schools in Durham City with the help of Christina Maiden, Seymour Jacklin and Robyn Trainer.

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