501: A Collection Of Slightly Longer Stories (Mark McKnight)

501The sequel they said would never come. There’s only one thing worse than a poorly thought out follow up, and that’s a poorly thought out follow up with the same gimmick as the original. Look at Blues Brothers 2000. But we still loved it! The same ‘half an experiment in storytelling, half an exploration of life and half a journey into wildest fantasy.’ Only this time it hurt a whole lot more because of the semi-autobiographical nature of many of these ‘stories’. Last Summer, I had my heart broken by a beautiful young lady from South Wales. It still hurts, and I wish I knew and understood what exactly happened. But you have to continue living. So my thanks to the Welsh for sending that particular woman into my life to give me the inspiration to finish the book. I hold no ill-feeling towards the Welsh race in general.

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