Light From Light: Saints Along The Way (Leo Osborn)

The Reverend Lionel Osborn (known as Leo) trained for the Methodist Ministry at Wesley College Bristol and has served in The Ripley (Derbyshire), Bury (Lancashire), Bramhall (Cheshire) and North Shields and Whitley Bay Circuits.  He is currently Chair of the Newcastle upon Tyne District of The Methodist Church having served in this role for thirteen […]

Those Who Know (David Bargh)

David was born, brought up and has always lived in the old cotton towns to the North of Manchester. After schooling in Bury, he went to what is now the University of the South Bank where he studied engineering, subsequently becoming a Chartered Engineer with membership of two engineering institutions. He has been married for […]

Odds & Socks (T.L. Cowell)

There are snapshots of stories hidden everywhere. Some in plain sight, others up in the clouds, under your feet or beneath the ground. Open your eyes (and this book!) to take a peek at just a handful. Meet Parvena, a girl with secrets and a special stone. Gaze into the glorious night sky with Nathaniel, […]

Rapture Rupture (Nathanael Lewis)

Looking for Rapture Truth? Look no further! Every single one of Tim LaHaye’s ‘irrefutable proofs’ not only refuted, but utterly destroyed! Theologian exposes basic bible blunders of Left Behind. To hear some bible-believing Christians speak, escape from the final Tribulation via the Rapture is a comforting cast-iron biblical certainty, but have they been deceived? Maybe […]

Contrived Setups To Niche Pop-Culture References (Paul Savage)

Here’s a book of comic strips. The title, “Contrived Setups To Niche Pop-Culture References” isn’t a lie. To get some of these, you’ll need to know Sam Cooke lyrics, sitcom catchphrases, late 80’s gameshows, minor characters from Harry Potter, lesser Gerry Anderson puppet shows and the names of Colombian drug gangs. And then you’ll need […]